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Results You Can Count On

Why should your Team choose PCS’s Processing Team? PCS has decades of experience in the FCRA, FACTA, FCBA, FDCPA & all consumer protection acts that will make your clients results come out successfully. We have advanced dispute tactics, tailored around your clients specific needs and goals. Prior to starting, we find out what your clients main reasons are and apply this intimate knowledge to their file. Our Team are familiar with the laws and regulations, Online Solution for Complete and Accurate Reporting (e-OSCAR) compliant system, and what common violations to look for, etc.


Today, 70 percent of college students graduate with a significant amount of loans. Over 44 million Americans collectively hold nearly $1.5 trillion in student debt. … When they graduate, the average student loan borrower has $37,172 in student loans, a $20,000 increase from 13 years ago.


Our Credit Repair Dispute Processing Services Include

  • Student Loan Consolidation and / or Forgiveness processing * + $50.00 per client / credit
  • Tailored dispute letters to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • All dispute letters are printed and mailed (NOT faxed or submitted online)
  • Our dispute language is reviewed, then approved by FCRA/FDCPA attorneys
  • Debt Validation’s & Cease & Desists
  • We utilize the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – The body of laws governing transactions in the US
  • No dispute letter is the same. Our letters have Spinners will make sure of this
  • Regular scheduled updating of your clients file
  • Escalated disputes: Proper use and citation of FCRA, FCBA, FDCPA, UCC and FACTA, along with other consumer protection laws
  • Secure Online Document Transfers: Feel secure transferring files within our Online Partner Affiliate
  • All of the above, with more advanced feature coming soon, for less than half the cost of hiring full-time employees
woman looking at credit card

Don’t Settle For Second Best

If Return on Investment is your premier concern, we are business people too! Our business operates on the fact of providing you disputes that are the most effective you can find, and at reasonable pricing.

We don’t only challenge accounts under the FCRA, FDCPA, FACTA & FCBA, but also utilize others, like the Uniform Commercial Code. The nine articles of the UCC is a set of laws governing the sale of goods, leases of goods, negotiable instruments, bank deposits, fund transfers, letters of credit, bulk sales, warehouse receipts, bills of lading, investment securities and secured transactions.

With PCS’s… You’re NOT settling for second best, but rather THE BEST!

craig and his family

A Family in Credit Repair

Meet “Credit” Craig

I began my career in finance and credit in early 1999 working in the mortgage industry. I focused my career on helping clients with credit issues qualify for financing. During my time in the mortgage industry I developed the skills and knowledge to start helping my clients improve their credit reports. I was hooked!

From within the mortgage industry I started working with my clients to focus on repairing their credit. That was almost 20 Years Ago! Since that time I have had the privilege of opening several offices in Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles. This has afforded me the experience of running a team to take care of my clients.

Part of my passion in the credit industry is education. I use my time and experience to coach Real Estate Agents, Lenders, Loan Officers, Insurance Agents, and even Attorneys on understanding credit.

Over the years of having unmatched credit repair results, many other companies requested me to help them gain the same results for their clients. So I recently decided to start a new venture for Patriots Credit Services by opening up a processing division, for other companies and consumers to obtain the same results as we have over the years.

Patriots Credit Services is currently a member of the Credit Consultants Association, among other reputable organizations. It is our way of staying compliant and educated with all the changes in our industry!

business woman going over paperwork with clients

Why Contact Patriots Credit Services?

We are able to supply credit repair business owners like you, whether it is only you, or a Team of credit repair specialists with thousands of clients per year for half of what you would otherwise pay – cutting your costs by more than half and doubling their profit margin!

Dispute Processing

$35 Per Client / Per Round
  • Tailored dispute letters to Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion
  • All dispute letters are printed and mailed (NOT faxed or submitted online) ~ Want Certified mail? + $6 per letter
  • Our dispute language was reviewed & approved by FCRA/FDCPA attorneys
  • No dispute letter is the same. Our letters have spinners. Creates a new letter every time
  • Regular scheduled updating of your clients file
  • Escalated disputes: Proper use of FCRA, FCBA, FDCPA, and FACTA, along with other consumer protection laws ~ Does NOT include the Unfiform Commercial Code
  • Secure Online Document Transfers. Feel secure transferring files within our Online Partner Affiliate
  • Debt Validation’s & Cease & Desists
  • Utilize the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
  • LexisNexis Risk Solutions (LNRS) Disputes – Leverage our Advanced Dispute Processing to remove public records from your clients credit profile
  • SageStream, LLC disputes – Utilize our Advanced Dispute Processing not only for the TransUnion, Equifax and Experian but including SageSteam!
  • Includes CFPB/Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints
  • Includes BBB/Better Business Bureau complaints
  • We will provide Educational Emails to use for your client…
  • Email Drip Campaigns for your clients…
  • Always adding more features and benefits

We will process disputes through our system, use our dispute letters, but update yours. You can either use our client portals, or use your own.

Each letter we send out is unique and NO LETTER IS THE SAME, with our state of the art word spinners. The fees above include ALL of our mailroom supplies, paper, ink, etc…

To have any disputes, demands and/or requests to go out via certified mail, we charge an extra $5 per certified letter, and supply you with the copy of the receipt, stamped by the post office.

Get Your Free Credit Consultation!